Visual attributes

Attribute - Visual attributes

Žatec and the Landscape of Saaz Hop sis characterized by remarkable visual quality and attractiveness. The image of the landscape with hop fields changes dynamically during the year. While at the end of April you will see bare wire contructions of hop fields, during the summer you will see the „green sea“, in which the Stekník Chateau sails for a few month a year.

The town of Žatec is characterized by a „forest of chimneys“ of hop warehouses which has been preserved in an unusually high concentration. The roof landscape is then undulating with dormers used for drying hops in the lofts of burgher houses.

Dynamic changes of the hop landscape during the year.

The roof landscape in the Žatec.

A view of the Stekník Chateau surrounded with the "sea" of hop fields.

View from the south of the characteristic panorama of the Prague Suburbs with hop processing buildings and their chimneys ("forest of chimneys").