Structure of settlements

Attribute - Structure of settlements

The urban and rural environment of the urban centre and village within the nominated property are thus entirely different, as is their traditional building culture. Nevertheless, both rural and urban hop related structures show some common and specific features. Their roof landscape is especially typical, in which roofs with low gables and large handling openings for the transport of hops to the lofts and roofs with rows of ventilation dormers of specific shape have been preserved.

The structure of trade, in which big traders played an important role, able, unlike rural producers, to transport hops practically all over the world would not be possible without the administrative and warehousing facilities provided to them in the town of Žatec.

Subsequent processing of dried hops in the urban environment, therefore, affected the appearance and structure of the town due to the formation of its districts and buildings, which were associated with consecutive hop processing processes (drying, sulphurisation, packaging, certification, trade, and transportation). However, in the spirit of the period’s requirements, these utilitarian hoprelated constructions had to be incorporated into the town and its structure, so as not to damage it visually. This was reflected mainly in the form of their street facades, which in most cases, imitate residential buildings with their architectural design. All this together gives the town a peculiar and unique atmosphere.

The western part ofthe Prague Suburb with hop processing buildings.
The western part of the Prague Suburb with characteristic hop processing buildings as part of the urban landscape (the view from the Hop Lighthouse tower).
Svobody Square with the Town Hall and parts of the historical centre of the town from the north east aerial view.
An aerial view of the village of Stekník and the hop fields.
Historic hop warehouses and buildings of packing rooms around Nerudovo Square in Žatec.
An aerial view of the village of Stekník and the hop fields.